Kindergarten Students Earn a Ride on the Polar Express!

In November, Principal Mrs. April Reynolds gave the students of Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center a goal. Their goal was to bring in 600 cans of non-perishable items to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. Their prize – a pajama day and a whole school showing of “The Polar Express!”

All month long, Nurse Kelly Hostetler and Mrs. Jane Henry collected, counted, and kept track of how many items were donated. The totals were announced on the intercom so that students could hear their progress.

Nurse Kelly and Mrs. Henry are proud to announce that the students not only met their goal, but they more than doubled it! To date, the amount collected is 1,145. With a few more days to donate, we couldn’t prouder of our students as they make a difference in the lives of others.

One of our school rules is “Take care of others.” Our students are truly living out the words they recite every morning.

Kindergarten students collect can goods for Ronald McDonald House Nurse Kelly and Mrs. Henry display all of the donated items collected in November and December.
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Lend a Hand, Give a Can

Mrs. Jane Henry, Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center Administrative Assistant and Mrs. Kelly Hostettler, School Nurse, have teamed up to organize a food drive at the school.

Families are asked to send in cans of food, boxed foods, dry goods, and paper products to help the Ronald McDonald Charities.

According to thethe Ronald McDonald Charities’ website, “Many families travel far from home and spend several weeks or months to get treatment for their seriously ill or injured children – a long time to be away or to divide a family. And, for children facing a serious medical crisis, nothing seems scarier than not having mom and dad close by for love and support. A Ronald McDonald House provides a place for families to call home so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little to no cost.”

Items can be sent in your child’s book bag until December 22, 2017.

Thank you in advance for helping other families during their time of need.

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Big Sister, Little Sister Begins

Each month laughter and chatter can be heard filling the hallways at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center. An after school program called Big Sister/Little Sister gives kindergarten girls an opportunity to meet and connect with a student from Kennett High School.

The program, in it’s second year, allows students to meet together once a month. They enjoy a sharing circle, an activity, and a craft with their “sister.”

The program has proven to be successful as each year the interest is outstanding. The program is at full capacity and the girls could not be more excited.

High school students have fun with kindergarteners. High school students and students from MDLKC pose for a picture at Big Sisiter/Little Sister.
High school students have fun with kindergarteners. Kindergarten girls share activity time with their big sisters from Kennett High School.
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Family Reading Night is a Hit!

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, families filled Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center for the annual “Family Reading Night.” Organized by Dr. Tricia O’Laughlin, this is the third year that the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center has played host to this thrilling evening.

Throughout the night, family members get to see some of the activities that students use during their school day. There are three stations totaling about an hour of activity. At the three stations, families are shown ideas for helping with handwriting and introduced to our Handwriting Without Tears program; they are given the opportunity to log into Reading Eggs and Mathseeds with the assistance of teachers; and families are introduced to some of the phonics instruction students receive at school.

The program provides, not only an opportunity for families to see what the students are learning, but also time to ask questions of their child’s teachers. This family night provides a glimpse into those activities while promoting reading as a partnership between the school and the home.

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Kennett Fire Company Visits Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center

In early October, Kennett Fire Company visited Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center for their annual Fire Prevention Program. Students learned about fire equipment, fire fighting gear, and also what to do in case of a fire. Students were also treated to their very own Kennett Fire Company fire hats that the entire school wore to their buses. The information presented was extremely important, but also fun and engaging for the students. Everyone at the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center appreciates our emergency personnel from Kennett Fire Company No. 24 for making sure we all know what to do in case of emergency.

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Mindfulness Matters

Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Kourtney Phillips, introduced mindfulness to the students at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center in an exciting new way for the 2017-2018 school year! The program is called Mindful Movement and is the newest favorite at the school.

In the second year of mindful instruction, Mrs. Phillips is teaching classrooms of students how to calm their minds as well as their bodies and to be “in the here and now”in order to have the best experience throughout the day. Mindful Movement is a variation of yoga that initiates thoughtful movements while the instructor gives the directions. It incorporates listening, movement, and relaxation into one activity. The movements themselves require students to be on yoga mats while their minds are taking in refreshing instruction.

In addition to Mindful Movement, Mrs. Phillips also uses morning announcements on Mondays to motivate teachers and students to use mindfulness in their morning routines. Mindfulness Mondays also give teachers a resource to use in their morning meeting such as a greeting, an activity, or a moment to reflect. These activities illicit feelings of togetherness, community, belonging, and, most of all, caring. Each classroom received a singing bowl this year to assist teachers in facilitating relaxing conversations, breathing techniques, and activities to focus the student’s energy.

Mindful Movement is another way that teachers at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center are meeting the needs of all learners. By incorporating the students’ emotional growth into their educational experiences an amazing learning environment is created.

Students participate in yoga. Mrs. Phillips shows students how to calm their mind through mindful movement.
M Pod has their first Mindful Movement lesson. Mrs. Phillips shows students how to calm their mind through mindful movement.
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An Apple Picking We Will Go!

Fall is for leaves changing colors, cooler temperatures (usually), pumpkins, and everything apple!

This month, Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center students were treated to a delightfully delicious field trip to Highland Orchard to celebrate the start of school, their apple theme, and fall!

Each class went on a hayride to the apple field where the students exited the wagon and received a bag. Guided by knowledgeable farmers, each student chose an apple from three different varieties available at Highland Orchard. After the students filled their bags, they reloaded the wagon and made their way to the pumpkin patch. There, the farmers showed the students the life cycle of a pumpkin using tangible examples right from the field. The farmer very carefully chose a pumpkin for the class as the students yelled out their wishes for the perfect pumpkin. The farmers shared that always have a good time choosing as the students guide them to their dream pumpkin.

After the hayride came the most delicious and sweetly scented part of the trip. Students entered a classroom of benches and … there was an apple grinder! Each student got a turn to use the apple grinder as they assisted their farmer in the production of fresh apple cider. Everyone received a cup of cider and a fresh baked apple cider doughnut. As one can imagine, they do not last long.

The scarecrow building was up next. It is usually the last leg of the trip. The students really enjoyed stuffing and fluffing their scarecrow to perfection. When it is completely assembled, the scarecrow joins the students and staff back to it’s new home at MDLKC.

This trip is one of the best and the farmers are outstanding. Our students enjoyed the apples, the scarecrow, the sweet treats, and the ride.

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The Very Hungry Kindergarteners

The Very Hungry Kindergartener

On the first day of Kindergarten, a bus pulls up on Center Street full of students eager and excited for the first day of Kindergarten. They bounced off of the bus and hurried in the doors of the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center.

They started to look for knowledge!

In the first couple of months they found the alphabet, letter sounds, numbers, and a trip to the apple orchard.

Next, they found a whole school pajama party with the Polar Express on a huge paper screen and an assembly about holidays all over the world.

In the winter they had an awesome arctic adventure. Boy, was it cold! The Antarctic and the Arctic set the stage for learning about the polar region right in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. They were still hungry.

In March, the hungry kindergartners found themselves in the balcony of The Grand Theater in Wilmington, Delaware. The audience that filled the seats was attentive, excited, and engaged. They were still hungry.

They went on through the year learning as much as they could. In May, they started the ABC Countdown. Easy as pie to the students who have been on their journey for months, they imagined, played, danced, and so much more all the way to Z!

As the countdown came to a close, the students were entertained by a storyteller, Clem Bowen, a Candyland Dance, a larger than life zoo, and a farewell celebration for the memory books.

Alas, students were full of kindergarten experiences. They boarded their buses for the last time as the faculty and staff waved their final goodbyes. They were off to continue their journey and look for more yummy learning in first grade!

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Kindergarten Center Gets Ready for Farewell Celebrations

Join us this week as the students perform for everyone and

demonstrate just how much fun they had learning at

Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center this year!

U-Pod: Tuesday June 6th 2:00 pm in the APR

M-Pod: Wednesday June 7th 2:00 pm in the APR

P-Pod: Thursday June 8th 2:00 pm in the APR

This is a show you will not want to miss!

Kids dressed in cat hats and paper converse! Mrs. Drago’s class practices their performance of Pete the Cat!
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