Baby Chicks Visit Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center

What do you call the people who look after chicks?

Chicken tenders!

Students at MDLKC had an up close and in person experience with baby chicks. Thanks to Dr. Erin Bernberg, students were able to observe the hatching process and see the chicks grow into small chickens. Each day, classes filed through the library (turned chicken coop) to catch a glimpse of the chicks hatching and going from the incubator to a specially designed observation container.
The excitement surrounding the arrival and birth of the chicks is something to behold every year. The chicks truly bring joy and excitement to MDLKC when they arrive. The silly antics of adolescent chicks bring giggles and squeals from the tall walls of the library. From trying out their newly discovered wings to figuring out they can reach the top of the waterer, the chicks perform as if they are on stage.  

The chicks stay with us for a couple of weeks before they leave for their forever home. Saying goodbye is always the hardest part, but the students have memories to last a lifetime.

That chicken tender joke never gets old.