Students Stop, Drop, and Roll with Kennett Fire Company

Fire companies across the nation participate in Fire Prevention Month and, more notably, Fire Prevention Week. Kennett Fire Company, No.1 is no exception. The fire trucks rolled onto Mulberry Street early on Monday, October 8th to kickoff Fire Prevention Week in Kennett Square.

Students were educated about what they should do in a fire situation by using the terms stop, drop, and roll. FireFighter Billy Brown, also wowed the young crowd by appearing in full fire gear. The motivation for this type of presentation is so that young children know what a firefighter looks like when they enter a building with fire or smoke. Students were given the opportunity to look through infrared cameras and to also hear FireFighter Brown’s oxygen tank.

At the end of the presentation, students lined up outside of the school to get a first hand look of the fire trucks and all of the equipment they carry.

Each students received a dalmatian colored fire hat to go along with everything they learned about staying safe.

In keeping with the theme of safety, Kennett Fire Company will host a Halloween Open House on

Tuesday, October 30 @ 6:00 PM8:00 PM