It’s Apple Picking Time!

Students prepared for a trip to the apple orchard for weeks. They could barely contain their excitement when the day of the field trip arrived. Students hustled to their school busses and quickly found seats with their friends. Teachers took attendance and the caravan from Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center to Highland Orchard was on it’s way!

Upon arrival, students were greeted by farmers who were just as excited to see them disembark from their seats. They happily screeched and squealed as they walked past goats sitting atop strategically placed structures. In a single file line, two classes made their way to the hayride while the other classes started in the warehouse.

The hayride began with a trip to the apple orchard. Students were able to choose 3 different kinds of apples to take home and share with their families. They boarded the hayride once again in order to venture to the pumpkin patch. The farmers explained the pumpkin life cycle and also chose a pumpkin for the class to take back to their school. Each class got a pumpkin.

In the warehouse, the enormous apple refrigerator and the apple cider donuts were definitely a favorite. The students each took part in making apple cider as well.

Quite possibly the most memorable part of the trip was the scarecrow making. Students worked together to bring their class scarecrow to life! If you happen to be driving by MDLKC, be sure to say, “hi!” to our classroom scarecrows adorning our front patio.