Family Reading Night is a Huge Success!

On Thursday September 21, 2018, families gathered at the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center to learn about the wonderful reading activities happening at the school.

After being greeted in the front lobby, parents were given a bag of resources for use during the evening, as well as at home. Each workshop gave parents a brief introduction to the reading instruction that their students receive dailly. With approximately 81 families in attendance, the buzz of literacy filled the air!

Parents, students, and siblings alike were able to use Reading Eggs and Mathseeds, sing the alphabet song including the signs the students learn, and write using the Handwriting Without Tears method.

It was a fantastic night of learning and fostering the love of learning between the school and the homes of our youngest learners.

Parents and students listen to teachers explain what the students do during reading.

Parents and students learn what sight word and alphabet knowledge instruction looks like at MDLKC.

Parents and students are learning about what reading looks like at the school.

Parents hear about Writing and Handwriting strategies during Family Reading Night at MDLKC.

Parents and students use laptops to play computer programs provided by KCSD.

Parents are taught how to log on to Reading Eggs and Mathseeds during Family Reading Night at MDLKC.

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