Counting Down to First Grade

Starting on Monday, June 4, the entire Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center family will be counting down to the last day of school! All of the fun activities are completely voluntary. We are counting down from 10!

10. Monday, June 4th Hawaii Day- Wear a Hawaiian shirt, skirt, or lei.
9. Tuesday, June 5th Ice Cream Day- Students will enjoy an ice cream treat!
8. Wednesday, June 6th Bubble Day- We will blow bubbles outside. (Bubbles will be provided)
7. Thursday, June 7th Movie Day- We will watch a short movie.
6. Friday, June 8th Yearbook/Dance Day- If you purchased a yearbook, you will receive it, and we will drop everything and dance throughout the day.

5. Monday, June 11th Exercise/Sports Day- Wear sports apparel and sneakers for a fun-filled day of movement.
4. Tuesday, June 12th Free Fun Day-Students get to pick a fun activity to do.
3. Wednesday, June 13th Game Day- Bring your favorite game that you know how to play.
2. Thursday, June 14th-Outside Day- We will spend extra time outside!
1. Friday, June 15th Mary D. Day- Wear your Langley shirt!