Kindergarten Center Goes Sub Zero!

On Monday January 22, kindergarten students bundled up in their warmest outfits, carried their suitcases full of extra warm layers, and boarded a flight to the Antarctic. Flight 409 to Antarctica departed with a full crew and passenger list. The in-flight movie was, Antarctic Antics, and the snack was goldfish.

The library of Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center was transformed into an airport including a security gate where passengers had to enter and be scanned for zippers, belt buckles, and buttons. Upon arriving at the frozen south pole, Mrs. Jane Henry announced on the intercom that, even though it is summer, it is a frigid -22 degrees. Passengers were advised to bundle up prior to exiting the aircraft. Students prepared for the cold, and with binoculars in hand, took an expedition through the wild icy continent.

Students walked through an imaginary security gate. Lines at the MDLKC Security Gate were crowded for Flight 409 to Antarctica.
Students walked through an imaginary security gate. Students were excited to board the flight to Antarctica!

To prepare for this amazing trip, the students spent a students learning about the life and activities of the Antarctic. The hallways of the Kindergarten Center were transformed into a frozen tundra complete with icebergs and animals that call the Antarctic home.

Students watch a musical about Antarctica. Students enjoyed the in flight movie on the trip to Antarctica.