A Magical Reunion for the Holiday

The Polar Express and Pajama Day festivities are always a huge holiday hit at the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center. This year, the holiday magic didn’t stop there. The morning went as usual with all of the students watching the movie on a huge, homemade screen in the library. But you could feel a little extra excitement throughout the school.

Ronaldo Marcelo returns home on holiday leave from the army.

Jaylah hugs her big brother, Ronaldo, when he surprised her at school.

Principal Mrs. April Reynolds began to introduce the second part of the day. Her introduction was pointed and the suspense grew for the staff. Mrs. Reynolds asked the students if they have anyone in their family they miss during the holidays. As one can imagine in a Kindergarten Center, there was no shortage of responses. After a few students volunteered their responses, Mrs. Reynolds asked Jaylah, a student in Mrs. Murphy’s class, if she was missing anyone special this holiday season. Jaylah replied, “My brother.” That is when the staff and students started chanting his name, Ronaldo, and he magically walked through the door to an overjoyed Jaylah running toward him. Ronaldo Marcelo, a 2017 graduate of Kennett High School, had returned home on his first leave since graduating in June and enlisting in the United States Army.

There was not a dry adult eye in the building. The Kennett Consolidated School District prides itself on being a family and this emotional reunion is just one example of community.

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