What Treat Will Ruben Eat?

Teaching young students about not sharing food after teaching them to share everything else can be difficult sometimes. Allergies are much more common and due to the severity of some food allergies schools must be diligent.

Author and Kennett Consolidated School District parent, Mr. John Aranton, Jr., has been a huge help to the staff at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center with his educational, entertaining story about a raccoon named Ruben. Each year, Mr. Aranton, shares his story through a children’s book he authored after dealing with allergies himself. The book tells the story of a raccoon named Ruben who is embarrassed about his allergies but comes to find out his friends are more accepting than he had anticipated.

This year’s kindergarten students were a great audience and they proved it by answering questions about the story and about allergies themselves. Mr. Aranton hands out either a sticker of Ruben or a bookmark for questions answered correctly. The students were engaged and have a much better understanding of why we shouldn’t share food and to ask questions prior to spending time with friends outside of school.

This is the book authored by a KCSD parent to help students learn about allergies. Written by John Aranton Jr.
Students win bookmarks or stickers. Students stand with Mr. Aranton for a photo celebrating their correct answers during the presentation.