Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center Students Today, Veterinarians Tomorrow

This past week, students welcomed Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center parent Dr. Marie-Eve Fecteau, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM to speak about her career as a veterinarian. As students made their way into the viewing area, it was clear they were just as excited to learn about veterinary medicine as she was to teach it. As the lights dimmed, and Dr. Fecteau made her way to the front of the room, students sat quietly, ready to learn all about a day-in-a-life of a veterinarian.Presenter standing in front of student audience.

During the presentation, Dr. Fecteau explained all of the different things a veterinarian can do. She shared stories of caring for small and large animals, zoo animals, and fish. She also explained how veterinarians conduct research and educate others on how to best care for animals. Students asked questions and were eager to share stories about their own pets as well.

“I am hopeful that students will take away many things from my presentation,” says Dr. Fecteau. “I wanted students to know that being a veterinarian is a really fun and rewarding job! Most importantly, I want them to know that they too can also become a veterinarian if they love animals.”

Dr. Fecteau has been a veterinarian for almost 18 years. After graduating from the University of Montreal, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1999, she completed an internship at the University of Montreal and a residency in Large Animal Internal Medicine at the University of California-Davis. In 2004, she accepted a position at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, where she currently works today.