QR Readers Making Their Way to Kindergarten

Miss Taryn Bramel, a student teacher from West Chester University, has introduced some very unique technology into Mrs. Marie Lawson’s Kindergarten class. During a writing activity for a bulletin board assignment, Miss Bramel had students say the phrase that they wrote into a website that turns words into QR Codes. During parent/teacher conferences held at the school, parents could hear their child read their sentence even if they were not at the school.


A Quick Response code, or “QR code” for short, is a way to have student work come to life in the voice of the student or classroom instruction to take on a new dimension. Teachers nationwide are starting to use QR codes in their classrooms across all subject areas. Learners of all styles will find success using this technology. Reading and math lessons have built in practice, vocabulary lessons are now focused and hands on, science lessons can now have videos embedded into presentations, social studies projects can link to historic documents or artifacts, and so much more!

Where do you get a QR Reader? Anyone with a smartphone can download a reader for free in their app store. The possibilities are endless and the connections for students and their instruction have been modernized! QR codes have provided parents a new way to actively participate in their child’s education.

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