Parent Survey Responses Requested

The Kennett Consolidated School District is asking parents and guardians of students at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center to give the District feedback on their overall experience this year.

We look forward to your honest feedback and thank you for all of the support you have provided this year. Please find the links below and encourage others to participate in the survey.



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Young Authors Publish Their First Chapter Books

Two students in Mrs. Jeri Ramagnano’s kindergarten class have done something phenomenal. They wrote their own chapter books.

During the week, students were given time to write on their own about a top of their choice. They created a front cover, illustrations, and chapters. If you want to know anything about volcanoes or who works, the two girls pictured below have written books on the topics!

For Ana Kelly Ochoa and Macey Brown it was an exciting experience. “I loved writing the chapter book,” exclaimed Macey. Ana Kelly added that writing the chapter books “was fun!”

Everyone at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center is very proud of the students’ hard work and creativity.

DSC01202 DSC01203 DSC01204

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Counting Down in ABC Order!

That doesn’t sound right, or does it? At the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center it makes perfect sense!

Starting Tuesday, May 10, students will begin counting down their awesome year of kindergarten using the letters of the alphabet! The School Spirit Committee created a calendar of events that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. The students have worked so hard this year that the teachers want to make the end of their kindergarten year a special memory!

Whereas the days are meant to be a ton of fun, they are not mandatory. The activities are not meant to bring on any extra work for the adults at home so be creative and use what you have!26 days part 1

26 days part 2

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