ESL Students Go to the Market!

While studying about markets, ESL students at the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center were surprised when they entered their classroom one morning to see it had been transformed into a working supermarket. Imagine the excitement for students to see vegetables, fruits, bags, boxes, and even a cash register awaiting their exploration! The sweet sounds of students singing songs about vegetables and baskets in English is only matched by the whir of the pretend cash register! Students were introduced to money, English vocabulary words surrounding a supermarket, and also using conversational phrases such as, “How may I help you?” “Did you find what you were looking for?” “How much does this cost?” In particular, students learned how to interact in a store setting. They used appropriate volume, eye contact, and dialogue.

When asked how this interactive, hands-on lesson inspires her students, ESL teacher Maryanne Heckenberger states, “Students are engaged at a higher level and they are also comfortable telling their teachers, peers, and families about their experiences at the market.”



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Mary D Lang Kindergartners Show Off Their Green Thumbs

Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center is participating in annual Earth Day celebrations by vowing to take care of our Earth and keep it clean! At the monthly spirit assembly, students were given a lesson in reducing, reusing, and recycling.

DSC01163 DSC01164

At Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center, we do not just talk about what we will do, we all put our words into action! Students and staff are actively starting seeds in their classrooms to plant in raised bed gardens located outside of the school’s playground on Cedar Street. The school’s Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Kourtney Phillips and the Helping Hands Committee, are cultivating this initiative. Students are so excited to help their community. All of the food that is harvested will be incorporated into the lunches at school when it is harvested.

DSC01175 DSC01173

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Kindergarten Students Talk Numbers!

Math classes at the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center have become a little chatty this year. With guidance from the University of Delaware, teachers were trained on how to give students the time, opportunity, and ability to think about numbers using the Number Talk model. Students follow a routine during each 10-minute session: They are given an image to look at.  The images increase in difficulty and vary depending on the skills desired as the year progresses. The students are then given a few quiet moments to think about what they have seen. After everyone has an opportunity to formulate their thoughts, the fun begins! Students offer their explanations (talking about numbers) of the number of dots they saw. They record their responses on paper, on small whiteboards, or on the classroom’s whiteboards. The increase in the students’ computation skills as a whole has proven that giving students time to think about numbers is an effective strategy.

DSC01158DSC01157 DSC01159

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STEM is Growing at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center

Students at the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center are getting a boost to their educational programming this trimester. Parents were given an opportunity to enroll their kindergartners in a 10 week STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program being taught by Ms. Jennifer Daveler and Mrs. Marie Lawson.

During each hour and 15 minute session, students will be engaged in exploration, planning, and problem solving activities. Through the activities, students will gain a better understanding of pushes and pulls.

Students will be able to use the skills they acquire through the Kindergarten Project Lead the Way program in elementary school and beyond. Project Lead the Way currently offers five distinct programs in 8,000 schools nationwide. The Kennett Consolidated School District is proud to be one of those schools.

DSC01133 DSC01138 DSC01132 DSC01153

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