Kindergarten Student Fills an Important Role

On Wednesday morning the announcements came on to start an exciting day at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center. The morning routine was just like any other day until a different voice boomed from the intercom. “That’s not Mrs. Reynolds!” the students pointed out right away! They were right! It was not. It was our “Principal for the Morning,” Gabriella Heagy, a student in Ms. Lisa Murphy’s kindergarten class. Gabriella performed the responsibilities of a principal all morning with Mrs. Reynolds showing her the way.

At our Designer Bag Bingo Night, parents were able to put tickets in baskets for a chance to win various items. One of those items was “Principal of the Morning.” Gabriella was the lucky recipient of the hardest working basket at the event. When asked about her experience, Gabriella says she liked being with Mrs. Reynolds in the morning. “My favorite part was doing tours and stuff,” Gabriella replied with a smile.

Princiapl for a day