Breakfast Starts at MDLKC!

Tomorrow morning the halls of MDLKC will be filled with the smells of morning breakfast. All students will have the opportunity to start their morning off right with FREE breakfast for ALL students. That’s right, FREE!

There is a white tag on your child’s bookbag. This tag will be used by the cafeteria staff. 

If you drop off in the morning, no worries! Those students can walk over to the cafeteria too! 

Breakfast and Lunch Menus/menu de desayuno y almuerzo

Free breakfast starts on 9/11/23desayuno gratis en 9/11/23

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Welcome to MDLKC!

We are so excited to start the 2023-2024 school year! We had Sneak-a-Peek yesterday and the energy in the building was AMAZING! 
The KHS Class of 2036 is off to a roaring start! 
Please see the reminders below for an awesome start at MDLKC! 

We will see all of your smiling faces at 8:45 on Monday morning! 

  1. Put the bus tag on your child's bookbag.

    2. Make sure your child has their nametag on.  

      3. Make sure to send a water bottle and a snack.

       4. If your child will be an everyday pickup,    
            please send in a note. 

           5. Send in a change of clothes that will 
                   stay in the the student's cubby. . Coloque la etiqueta del autobús en la 
mochila de su hijo.
2. Asegúrese de que su hijo tenga puesta su etiqueta con su nombre.    
 3. Asegúrate de enviar una botella de agua y 
un refrigerio.     
 4. Si su hijo será recogido todos los días,
     por favor envíe una nota. 
   5. Envía un cambio de ropa que
   quédese en el cubículo del estudiante.

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U4 Studies Teeth!

February is Dental Health Month. In Mrs. Kate Fuhr’s class, the students were able to get a sneak peek into the field with a visit from Mrs. Bowes, a dental hygienist.

Students were able to learn about proper flossing, brushing, and healthy foods for our teeth. Mrs. Bowes brought in the LARGEST set of teeth to floss. Students left with toothpaste, toothbrushes, coloring books , and floss!

We see a few dentists and dental hygienists in this bunch! Thank you for sharing your expertise with U4, Mrs. Bowes!

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Kindergarten Registration is Opening on March 1st!

The staff at MDLKC is excited to welcome you to our school! 
Registration appointments can be made now for our opening day of March 1st! 
After you make your appointment, check out this tour by Ms. Reynolds. 

The Kennett Consolidated School District welcomes you to our district. Note: Students must have attained the age of 5 years on or before September 30th for kindergarten. For 1st grade, students must have attained the age of 6 years on or before September 30th of the year he or she is to be admitted to first grade or attained the age of five years, seven months before the first day of September and successfully completed a kindergarten program that satisfies the requirements established by Pennsylvania statutes, regulations, and rules. All registrations will be processed in the Student Registration Office, 300 East South Street, Kennett Square, PA, by appointment only. You may schedule your appointment by calling (610) 444-4235.

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The Power of Play at MDLKC

Recently, Mrs. Drago (P4), participated in a virtual educational conference called, “The Educator’s Summit.” Through this summit, she learned all about using games you probably have in your home to create new learning experiences. The presenter at the summit, Adam Peterson, encourages educators to re-think those games and add educational flare to them in order to create meaningful learning experiences for students. The games can be used for reading and math! 
As you can imagine, the games are a hit with students at MDLKC! They are learning, practicing, and teaching each other while having fun! 

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Conferences Begin on Thursday!

If this is your first time experiencing Parent Conferences at KCSD, welcome!

We hope that you enjoy the time you get to spend with your child’s teacher and that your conversation is meaningful. We value your time and appreciate your flexibility in meeting with us. We would like to give you a sneak peek into what a typical conference could look like.
The biggest difference in our conference format is the way we are meeting.

There are 3 options:

1. In person- (in your child’s classroom.)

2. Virtual– At KCSD we use Teams. Please watch this video or use the PDF to help you prepare for the virtual conference.

3. By phone– You will receive a call at the time of your conference. This will be a Kennett number. You will most likely see 610-444-xxxx with Kennett Consolidated.

Most teachers will allow time to go over the the report card including any questions you may have. At the Kindergarten Center, we do not use letter grades. We use numbers that indicate levels of progression to mastery of grade level material. Each area that is assessed will have a number. There are areas that will have an “*.” Those areas will be assessed later in the year.

Our indicators will read as follows:

4- At MDLKC, we do not use 4s. You may see them at the elementary schools.

3- Student consistently demonstrates grade level expectations.

2- Student is beginning to demonstrate grade level expectations.

1- Student rarely demonstrates grade level expectations.

At MDLKC, we have a section on our report card that indicates the letters (upper and lower) and sounds that students have mastered. You will see an “*” there but it means they do not know that letter or sound consistently.

One area that we usually have to explain is “Recites the alphabet.” Most students can sing the alphabet but this skill is asking them to say the letters in order without singing them.

If you have any other questions, write them down and bring them along to your conference! We can’t wait to see you!

Here are a few more tips about conferences:

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American Education Week Begins

This week we are celebrating American Education Week. This is a week created to celebrate public education and to honor the individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every child receives a quality education.

Monday- Hat Day

Tuesday- Dress for Success Day- Wear a dress, khakis and a shirt, or a suit! Whatever it is, just dress to impress!

Wednesday- Read Me Day- Wear a shirt with words on it or bring your favorite book to school!

Thursday- Number Day- We are showing the importance of math! Wear something with a number on it!

Friday- Color Day- Wear our school colors, blue and white!

Today is:

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Picture Retake Day is Coming!


It is also Dress for Success Day! 😉

**If you are requesting retakes at NO CHARGE, you must return the original pack of pictures to the photographer at the time the retakes are done.**

If you would like both, the order form is below.

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